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Bike News Review – 11/5/12

Man’s passion documents bicycle culture
China Daily USA – 11/4/12
Wang Mingxi, a bicycle collector, used to put a lot of efforts into looking for a place to keep the 370 bikes he collected from 16 countries over the past 60 years. Wang, 77, a Beijing resident who repaired bikes for a living, started collecting them when he was 18, but he couldn’t find anywhere large enough to house his collection until four years ago, when an official asked him to put them in a planned museum.

‘Bicycle Sundays’ on Cañada Road
SF Gate – 11/4/12
What you’ll see: One of the best ideas in the Bay Area is Sunday’s weekly closure of 4 miles of Cañada Road on the Peninsula near the Crystal Springs Watershed. “Bicycle Sundays” work for all ages, whether walking, jogging or taking off on short or long bike trips.

Bicicletas in Costa Rica
Bike Commuters – 11/3/12
Buenos dias, mis Bike Commuters… I’m writing from Turrialba, Costa Rica to give you the skinny on the bike sitch in my favorite country – read: the only country I’ve visited – in Central America.


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