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Thank You Bicycle Activists
Sonoma County Gazette – 10/31/12
We are regular folk who use bicycles to ride to work and school, run errands, burn up a few calories, or enjoy rolling fellowship with friends on Sonoma County’s roads, routes and bike paths. We are the life-blood of our community, and we are thankful for our ability to partake in this economical, efficient, healthy and sustainable activity. This month, we shadow some folks who work around the clock to help make Sonoma County bike friendly.

S.F. getting ‘green lanes’ for bikes
SFGate – 10/31/12
San Francisco streets are becoming more bicycle-friendly. In the past two years, more than 23 miles of bike lanes have been added to the city’s streets – including separated lanes like the ones on JFK Drive, Cesar Chavez Street and Market Street – and on-street bike corrals are popping up all around town.

Sad, lone wheel locked to bike rack, misses frame
SFGate – 10/31/12
This was the unfortunate sight that greeted passers-by for roughly three weeks on Fifth Street near Mission: The sad remains of a (presumed) bicycle theft.

The wheel deal: New free bicycle museum features free workstations, too
the Daily Courier – 10/30/12
Any grown-up who opens the door to the Oldspokes Classic Bicycle Museum is sure to find a bike that produces a wave of nostalgia.

Cycling in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Bicycling – 10/30/12
As Americans assess the damage from Hurricane Sandy, many are scratching their heads wondering how they’ll get around for the next few days. Streets are flooded, tress are down, roads are blocked by debris, gas stations are boarded up, and public transit is shut down. In my current digs, in New York City, the subway won’t reopen for nearly a week, and the bus system hardly rivals the speed and capacity of its underground counterpart.


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