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Bike News Review – 10/22/12

Frothed Up: Bike apps reviews
Bicycle Retailer – 10/22/12 is going to publish a series of reviews of bike-related mobile apps in the coming days. We’re starting with my look today at BikeBrain, an iOS app that turns your smart phone into an elaborate version of a cycling computer, with at least one feature I haven’t encountered elsewhere.

Turning Old Bicycles into Hand-Powered Trikes for the Disabled
Core 77 – 10/19/12
Uganda is home to five million people with disabilities, whether from birth defects, malnutrition, disease or injuries sustained during the violence-wracked internal conflicts. Whatever the cause, Ugandans without the use of their legs have, in the past, been unable to use bicycles. And as Uganda is one of the poorest countries on this Earth, the bicycle is a crucially important method of transportation there. Without it, some cannot earn a living.

SFMTA approves separated bikeways along Fell & Oak Streets
SF Chronicle – 10/19/12
Earlier this week, the SFMTA approved unanimously the Fell and Oak Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Project, a plan that will bring separated bikeways, traffic-calming measures (such as “bulb-outs”) and other safety improvements to the streetscape around the three block corridor of Oak & Fell Streets between the Wiggle and the Panhandle.



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