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Bike News Review – 10/18/12

Bike commuting continues to rise, especially in cities
Bikes Belong – 10/18/12
Since 2000, bike commuting grew 47% on average in the U.S. It fared even better in large cities, where it increased 73% on average. If you live in a metropolitan area, you can see how your city stacked up in the chart below or by searching the spreadsheet linked in this blog by the League of American Bicyclists.

Delta Lowers Fees for Bicycles
Bike Hugger – 10/17/12
An email sent out today to travel managers that fees for bicycles have been lowered to $55 from $150.00 by Delta and their partners AirFrance/KLM. The changes haven’t shown up on their website yet because they take affect later this week.

Imports rebound across all categories
Bicycle Retailer – 10/16/12
Imports through August are up 29 percent overall, reaching 12,470,453 bikes, 2.8 million more bikes than 2011, which was the lowest year for imports in more than a decade.



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