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Bike News Review – 10/9/12

Top 7 Bicycles Made Out of Alternative Materials
Revmodo – 10/9/12
There is perhaps no vehicle better for the environment and for your health than the bicycle. But not all bicycles are created equal. Some bikes are built using materials that are more eco-friendly or economical, while others offer superior performance.

Detroit’s new bicycle economy
Modeld Media – 10/9/12
A century after Henry Ford transformed the quadricycle into an automobile, urban Detroit is re-discovering two-wheelers. Roads are becoming bike-friendly and people are taking cycling seriously as a means of transportation as well as leisure.

Vt. lieutenant governor campaigns by bicycle
NECN – 10/7/12
A 500-mile, 14-county bicycle tour is giving Vermont’s lieutenant governor a new perspective on the state as he campaigns for a second term, not to mention plenty of time to think about the issues.

The time for a bike High Line has come
NY Daily News – 10/7/12
Here’s a better solution: a High Line for bicycles. Having reclaimed a rusted Chelsea railway, the High Line has demonstrated the magic of elevating pedestrians above city traffic. Now, let’s elevate bicyclists, too, by building bicycle highways above certain major avenues and cross streets.


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