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Bike News Review – 10/4/12

How Bicycling Creates Economic Impact: A Tale of Two Cities
Triple Pundit – 10/4/12
The conventional wisdom assumes that massive transportation projects are far more economically strategic than bike lanes. But the release of two studies from two very different cities – Portland, OR and New York City – reveals that bicyclists and pedestrians may spend more than their peers who arrive at the same neighborhoods via automobile or public transportation.

IDOT to create statewide plan for bicycle trails
Chicago Tribune – 10/3/12
Efforts to put together a first-ever Illinois statewide bikeway plan are underway. The Illinois Department of Transportation is seeking bids from companies to design the plan.

Builders Ball features top bicycle makers
Providence Journal – 10/3/12
See some of the world’s best bicycle makers at the Builders Ball, Friday, Oct. 5, from 7 to 10 the Biltmore Hotel in Providence.



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