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Bike News Review – 10/2/12

Children’s bicycle helmets shown to be effective in impact and crush tests
Medical Express – 10/2/12
To determine the effectiveness of bicycle helmet use, a research team at the Illinois Neurological Institute and Bradley University tested how well helmets withstood forces of impact and crush tests when covering human cadaver skulls. They found that helmet use can substantially reduce (by up to 87%) the acceleration experienced by the skull during an impact and can aid the skull in resisting forces up to 470 pounds in a crush accident.

Engineer’s exercise study finds bicycles build 5 times more muscle than running – 10/1/12
According to a new fitness manual, written by the structural engineer that invented Body Oars, (Google or Bing ‘World’s greatest workout device’), “There is a consistent way to measure the muscle building efficiency of any physical exercise or device, and among many things, it exposes that bicycles offer almost five times as much muscle strengthening, as running can, and with only about 20% of the joint and spinal disk wear and tear.”

Park Tool expanding into larger digs
Bicycle Retailer – 10/1/12
After 15 years in its current location, Park Tool is moving to larger digs. The Minnesota bike tool maker recently broke ground on a new factory and warehouse that it will build up over the fall and have up and running by January.

In Penang, bicycles the answer to hurly-burly lifestyle
The Malaysian Insider – 9/30/12
Fed up with the port city’s traffic jams and lack of parking, civil servant Wong Kim Fei has ditched his car for the bicycle to get to work on time ― joining a cycling revolution here that has more urbanites rediscovering the beauty of the two-wheeler and the environmental wonders of their hilly island.




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