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Cool old little bike on eBay

I can sleep better at night knowing that this bike exists. It’s the missing link! Part wheelie bike, part BMX, part full-suspension mountain bike. It’s the man-bear-pig of the two-wheeled world.

OK, so the suspension geometry appears to be all kinds of wrong, but who cares? I would also hate to trust those rear seat supports on the landing of the jumps that those shocks would beg you to try.

So is it worth the $200 dollar opening bid? This may surprise you, but yes, I think it is. Obviously I wouldn’t give this to a kid to ride but a collector of bikes of any of the genres that it touches would be happy to have this in their collection. But would they pay that much for it? Not on eBay. (I don’t think.) At a live auction with the right placement and presentation I bet the $200 price would be well surpassed. This kind of bike creates an emotional response that can only be fully exploited in person.

See the full listing on eBay


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