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Trouble on the Trails – Bike News Review – 9/29/12

Ashland man accused of sabotaging bicycle trails
SF Chronicle – 9/29/12
A U.S. Forest Service officer arrested 57-year-old Jackson Dempsey after he allegedly admitted placing nails, nylon cord and vegetation on multiple trails this summer because he does not like mountain bikers.

Robert Marchand sets new 100-kilometer speed record
Velo News – 9/28/12
At 100 years old, Robert Marchand on Friday established a centenarian record for the fastest 100 kilometers by bicycle. He set the record of 4:17:27, with an average speed of slightly more than 23 kph (14.3 mph), in Lyon, France.

Bicycle repair hub in North Portland a means to active, healthy neighborhood
Sustainable Business Oregon – 9/27/12
Something really amazing happened in North Portland in August: the Bicycle Repair Hub design, construction and opening celebration. It involved dozens of people who are passionate about Portland’s promise of livability and sustainability. The project aims to improve individual health, promote community connections, and develop diverse leadership.



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