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Poor little broken bike

You see these novelty bikes for sale on eBay all the time. The sellers fall in to two categories. The first bought it as a joke and are selling it as a joke, mostly with a $25 opening bid. The others bought it for some unknown reason but actually try to sell them like they are something special, often putting opening bids in the hundreds of dollars.

This poor mangled thing fits somewhere in between. The $50 opening bid is above the joke level but below what i would normally consider the delusional level. The picture of course drags this firmly into delusional territory. Unless I’m mistaken that frame is aluminum. Fixing an aluminum frame that damaged will probably cost more than a new frame, if it’s possible at all.

Though, who knows, maybe someone out there has a pristine tiny bike frame and needs the components to make it whole. It could happen!

See the full listing on eBay

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