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Funky bikes and news
Bike News Review – 9/24/12

Bright, brighter, brightest ideas for bicycling gear
Seattle Times – 9/21/12
FOR CYCLISTS, there is no such thing as too bright on the road. The shinier, more reflective and more neon you are, the better. Luckily, neon has made a comeback this year. Bright orange, vivid yellow, combustible green? Say yes!

Sharp rise in number of cyclists in Tel Aviv
Haaretz – 9/24/12
A new survey reveals a dramatic rise in bicycle riders in Tel Aviv – 54 percent since 2010. According to estimates, 18,000 residents use bicycles to get to work or school, compared to 12,000 two years ago. Thirty-nine percent of households use at least one bicycle. The survey, which polled 1,500 adult Tel Aviv residents, was conducted by Heker for the Tel Aviv municipality economic and social research center.

Hong Kong cyclists stuck at government red light
AFP – 9/23/12
On Hong Kong’s traffic-heavy streets, horns blare as speeding red taxis, double-decker buses and public minivans shuttle people to-and-from work. But there is one thing missing — bicycles.

New bike park helps teach needed skills for mountain biking – 9/23/12
The Castle Rock Bike Park Grand Opening was Sept. 22, 2012 on a beautiful Saturday morning in Castle Rock, WA. In spite of the prediction of rain and cold weather, the day turned out to be a perfect day for bicycling as evidenced by the number of kids already there trying out the jumps before the opening even started.


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