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Bike-lane cultural revolution pokes along in some cities
USA Today – 9/10/12
Portland, Ore., can seem like paradise to bikers in other parts of the country with less well-developed cycling infrastructure. Though American cities are slowly making way for bicycles, the battle in many areas is hard-fought on both sides. Many drivers feel bikes take precious space on already bursting streets. Cyclists say they are subject to abuse and even attack when they claim their equal right to the roads.

Cape Town’s growing bicycle menace
Politics Web South Africa – 9/10/12
The thing about the cyclists, as Carlisle has acknowledged, is that they have been encouraged to take over the place. Capetonians, who have a soft spot for animals, including the ugly ones, have been known to feed them.

Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference could yield significant gains for Bay Area cyclists – 9/9/12
A plaque prominently displayed on a wall outside Long Beach City Hall proclaims: ‘Long Beach, the most bicycle friendly city in America.’ This week in Long Beach, California, one thousand transport and planning professionals, including cycling, walking and other non-motorized transport advocates from across North America, will meet at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference to discuss their work of helping increase and enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Canadian man fighting for right to ride power-assisted e-bicycle
Autoblog Green – 9/10/12
A Canadian man is fighting in court for his right to ride a power-assisted electric bicycle. Chesley Earle, 25, who has a disability that impairs his ability to stand for long periods or walk long distances, saved his money for months to buy a bike powered by pedaling and electricity. He uses his bike to drive through the city of Corner Brook, which is located on the west coast of Newfoundland in eastern Canada.


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