Bike Shaped Objects

Funky bikes and news
Status, theft and repair – Bike News Review – 9/7/12

Luxury bicycles – the new status symbol in China
OMG Yahoo Philippenes – 9/7/12
Luxury bicycles are the new darlings of the fashionable and wealthy in China, reported the Wall Street Journal China Chinese-language website Wednesday.

The Economics Of Stealing Bikes
NPR – 9/7/12
The normal bike market is pretty straightforward — supplier, middleman and buyer. The market for stolen bikes has the same roles, but different players. Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Bike Repair Tips from Kopp’s Cycles
Bicycling – 9/7/12
The longest running bike shop in the U.S., Kopp’s Cycles, shares secrets from their top wrenches


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