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Virtual Review: Panama Jack Cruiser

Panama Jack cruiser bikeI am not a fan of cruiser bikes but were I to buy one this would be it. To me it is the cruiser bike on steroids, or I guess it would more appropriate to say a cruiser bike on quaaludes.

The whole woody theme tugs at my 60’s Frankie and Annette upbringing. Then there’s the can/bottle holder much better suited to beer than water containers. However, the piece of resistance is the bottle open attached to the front fork. This is a party barge for sure.

Then of course there’s all the usual downsides of the cruiser genre. It’s heavy, slow and the build quality isn’t the best. Of course if your the kind of person who would consider buying a bike like this, none of those are negatives.

Best of all it’s cheap. Not the cheapest, but at $165 at the big box stores it’s worth the few extra bucks for the style and amenities.

Reviews of this bike split into two camps. The people who own them love them. The people who would never buy one and have never ridden one hate them.

One last thing though, I’m pretty sure that in most states it would be illegal to ride ones of these while not wearing a straw hat.

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