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Funky bikes and news
Around the world, past and future – Bike News Review – 8/20/12

Bad idea of the week: an invisible bicycle helmet
Sydney Morning Herald – 8/20/12
The “invisible bicycle helmet” deploys like an airbag before impact — you hope.

Bicycle station to come up at Hi-Tec City
The Times of India – 8/20/12
This two-storied station will have a parking space for 500 bicycles and apart from that it will also have food and beverage counters, washrooms and locker facility for public. Proposed on an area of 1300 sq yards which will be provided by the South Central Railway, this facility will rent out various models of geared and non-geared bicycles to the interested.

Frederick hosts high-wheel bike race
Washington Post – 8/19/12
As a form of transportation, the high-wheel bicycle is embarrassingly slow and ludicrously impractical. But as a smile-inducing, heart-pumping sightseeing machine, the high wheel, also known as a penny farthing because its big front wheel and tiny back wheel resemble an old English copper penny leading the much smaller coin, is in a league of its own.

Creating bikes and parts with a 3D printer
Bike Radar – 8/20/12
Today, 3D printing is very much helping the way bicycles are designed. Many bicycle manufacturers are finding benefits of the technology, using 3D printers to build prototypes of parts.



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