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Bike News Review – 8/16/12

Project Bikes Anonymous
Commute by Bike – 8/15/12
For every crazy cat lady, there must be dozens of women who are (as the bumper sticker says), “One bad relationship away from having 30 cats.” There is a bike equivalent to this phenomenon: Guys (as long as we’re indulging stereotypes) who can’t stop collecting stray bikes.

In Pittsburgh accidents, bicyclists not always to blame
Pittsburgh Post-Gazaette – 8/16/12
When two men died just a week apart while biking on Penn Avenue, the city mourned. Advocates called for greater safety and respect between motorists and cyclists. And for once, everyone on the city’s cramped streets agreed.

Cold Feet: Advocacy group merger called off
Bicycle Retailer – 8/16/12
The three largest U.S. bike advocacy groups have called off a proposed merger, saying it was just too difficult to meld together Bikes Belong, The League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

New-fangled bicycle, 1935
The Columbus Dispatch – 8/15/12
The cycloratio, latest development in pedal transportation, as demonstrated by a British lassie to the amusement of a London bobbie. The cycle made its appearance at the fourth annual Lightweight Cycle Show in London.

“Just Ride” urges less racing and more cycling for fun – 8/15/12
My beef with cycling culture is its obsession with speed and performance. What happened to casual fun? Fast is great and distances can satisfy, but do we have to go hard every time we go out?

Military bicycles: a short history
Bike Radar – 8/13/12
Bicycling has a long and colorful history in sport, but it is often forgotten that the bicycle has also been long used by military forces around the world.



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