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The Politics of Cycling – Bike News Review – 8/12/12

Art of bicycle maintenance puts young workers on a new path
Metro News – 8/8/12
The Learning Enrichment Foundation’s training program began in 2009 to meet the demand of Toronto bike shops that are inundated every spring with thousands of bicycles in boxes ready for assembly.

‘I’ll Keep Riding Bicycle As Long As Corruption Remains in Nigeria’
All Africa – 8/11/12
A retired civil servant in Bauchi State, Dr Sani Waziri, has vowed to keep riding bicycle until Nigeria tackles corruption. The widely travelled former director, who once served as project manager in Kuwait, tells Weekly Trust his reasons

Cycling on Florida’s roads less risky than reporter feared
Orlando Sentinel – 8/11/12
If we had expected a scenic hinterland spiced by inhospitable encounters with narrow shoulders and angry motorists, we were wrong; we found that Florida is surprisingly friendly to bicycles.

Unicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossed
New York Post – 8/11/12
“Unicycling is not a crime!” Isaih Rosemond, 18, crowed after Judge John Delury tossed the ticket the Brooklyn teen said he never should gotten in the first place, because it’s not against the law to ride one-wheelers on the sidewalk.

Judge delays ruling in Armstrong and USADA case
Cycling News – 8/11/12
The ongoing Lance Armstrong doping case experienced further delays on Friday when U.S District Court Judge Sam Sparks gave both parties; Armstrong and USADA, a further seven days to deliver additional information.

Where the bike commuters are, mapped & analyzed
Switchboard – 8/10/12
The fonts are small – this image looks intended for a wall, not a computer – but look closely: the darker the state, the larger the share of total trips taken by bicycle, as opposed to driving, walking, or transit; the larger the maroon and yellow box, the larger the number of people commuting to work by bicycle.

Bike trail completed near Route 237
San Jose Mercury – 8/9/12
Originally built as a temporary easement used for more than a decade by California Department of Transportation crews to access the highway area, Zsutty said the former dirt and grass trail traveling east leads users to the existing Coyote Creek Trail, which is paved through Milpitas.

City looks to develop path to Bay Trail
The Daily Journal – 8/9/12
The city of San Mateo is seeking proposals to design a paved two-mile pedestrian and bicycle path along the existing city-owned creek drainage channel from the Hayward Park Caltrain station to the regional San Francisco Bay Trail.


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