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OMG tricycle thingy on eBay

vroomThat would so much fun to ride. Well, maybe for an hour or so. Then you’d get tired of steering through osmosis. Even it was working perfectly that joy stick combined with rear wheel steering would be difficult to master for everyday riding.

Officially called the Mattell X-15 V-Rroom, this beauty was built in the 60’s in a variety of guises, including a Batman version. It’s another attempt to solve the front wheel steering and pedaling awkwardness. While the engineering is clever, each rear wheel is attached to its own pivoting arm. This would work I imagine would be tough to master. Also, judging from all the dangling steering arms I saw in the image search results, the steering system did not hold up to punishment.

This particular example has a few issues. The rear wheels are not original so if you’re looking to do a restoration I would guess getting parts would not be a simple chore. Then there’s the color. This is the only red one I found on the web so I’m not sure its genuine either.

All that said, I put in a bid because it is just so cool-looking. Unfortunately the bidding exceeded my limit, Ah well.

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