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More Bike builders? It’s true – Bike News Review – 8/8/12

Greece Debt Crisis Spurs Surge In Bicycle Use Over Cars
Huffington Post – 8/8/12
Greece’s dire economic plight has forced thousands of businesses to close, thrown one in five out of work and eroded the living standards of millions. But for bicycle-maker Giorgos Vogiatzis, it’s not all bad news.

Proposal to widen Brooklyn Bridge bike/cycle path
Wall Street Journal – 8/812
Three New York City council members say something has to be done to handle Brooklyn Bridge’s rising pedestrian and bike traffic. Council members Brad Lander, Stephen Levin and Margaret Chin want to double the width of the path that is shared by bicyclists and walkers.

Detroit lures Canadian bike-maker
The Windsor Times – 8/6/12
Detroit is known for being depressed, dangerous and car-obsessed, the perfect place for a Canadian with a music background to mass produce bicycles. Zak Pashak certainly thinks so. He has uprooted his life, bought an old Detroit factory and spent $500,000 of his own money. When Pashak hatched his plan to create Detroit Bikes, everybody he knows wondered if he had a loose sprocket.

Dodging Bulls and Gunshots on New Jersey’s 19th-Century ‘Bicycle Railroad’
The Atlantic Cities – 8/6/12
Way before the Shweeb was just a glimmer in Google’s immense coin purse, a 19th-century visionary named Arthur Hotchkiss was already planning the future of American bicycle commuting. His brainstorm: A monorail for bikes that would let blue-collar workers fly over farmlands to their factory, never mind if the trip occasionally involved outrunning a snorting, enraged bull.


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