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Another funky trike

Yes, it’s another funky tricycle on eBay, but this one is different.

The first thing I noticed was that the seat was further back than most adult tricycles, but not so far back as to make it an uncontrollable wheelie machine.

The next thing is that in one of the detail pictures it shows a chain tensioner a bit back on the frame.

These attentions to detail would indicate that this was a well-engineered machine, but in another detail picture we see that only the right rear wheel is driven. Huh? I know the whole differential thing is a problem for trikes but I’d think that the cleverness of the rest of the design would have carried over to the drivetrain.

As with most adult tricycles it’s local pickup only and Ohio is too far for a road trip right now. It’s buy-it-now price is only $49.99. Well worth it.

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