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Bike News Review – 7/25/12

Man on Bicycle Steals John Wayne’s Gun
Willamette Week – 7/24/12
Police say a man walked into Belmont video-rental store Movie Madness this afternoon around 1:15 pm and stole two guns from classic films: John Wayne’s Winchester rifle from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and William Holden’s shotgun from The Wild Bunch. The accused thief then rode away on a mountain bike.

OK, so don’t tell anyone, but a bike is a great getaway vehicle in a big city. Unless of course the cops also have bikes. Aside from that, were the guns just laying on a counter? – Tom

Bike crash victim was Worcester musician
Worcester Telegram – 7/24/12
The bicyclist who died yesterday after a collision with a car on Park Avenue was musician Carl Rasmussen of Worcester, a stalwart of the Wormtown punk scene.

 Wormtown shrinks just a bit more. Oh yeah, WEAR A HELMET! РTom

Israeli Entrepreneur Creates Cardboard Bike for $9
The Algemeiner – 7/24/12
Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni has created a bike prototype manufactured from recycled cardboard, making inroads in green technology with a vehicle that is lightweight and low-cost.

You can build a bike out of almost any material. I’d like to see what condition this bike would be in after three months of daily riding in San Francisco? – Tom

Juarez to defend title at Butte 100
Cycling News – 7/24/12
The sixth edition of the Butte 100-miler will happen on Saturday, July 28, in Butte, Montana. Run by Triple Ring Productions (TRP), a 50-miler option is also offered.

¬†The Butte 100. That’s the best name for a bike race I’ve ever heard. – Tom


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