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Bike News Review – 6/12/12

Tips from the Cycling Sloth
Commute by Bike – 6/11/12
Think about something for a second: does anybody go through a conversation with themselves like, I’m driving the car to work tomorrow, so (A) it needs to have gas, (B) the engine needs to run, and (C) the tires need to have air in them?
(Despite the attempts at humor there is a pile of good advice on bike commuting in this article.)

Number plates for bicycles proposed in Tokyo
The Telegraph – 6/11/12
The move would aim to lower the number of accidents and improve etiquette in Tokyo, a city where cycling is widely popular among salarymen, students and housewives alike.
(The logic behind number plates reducing bike accidents is odd. Seriously, how many hit-and-runs are done by bikes?)

Nearly 100 Cyclists Join Naked Bike Ride Saturday
SF Appeal – 6/9/12
Nearly 100 bicyclists were baring all this morning as they gathered along San Francisco’s Embarcadero for the ninth annual San Francisco World Naked Bike Ride to protest a global dependency on fossil fuels.
(This is one of the few bike rides that will never appear on my bucket list.)

Forget calorie and carbon reduction: here’s the real reason people ride bikes
Sf Chronicle – 6/10/12
Riding a bike makes us feel good. Part of it may be the early imprinting, when riding a bike as a child meant freedom. Maybe it’s the endorphins, the body’s natural opiate, that kick in when we’re in motion. Or maybe it’s just plain fun. Moving through space, under your own power, in fresh air, is exhilarating. It just feels good.
(Really, it makes a feel good to ride? You had to think about that?)


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