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Really, a bike wine tour? – Bike News 5/1/12

BART Eyes Bike-Friendlier Future
NBC Bay Area – 5/1/12
Imagine: a world where you can take the escalator at BART stations, bicycle in hand, and where there’s special areas on BART train cars fit precisely for your two-wheeled commuting machine.

Adventuress Leslie Bailey finds bike polo a down-and-up affair
Indianapolis Star – 5/1/12
Far from a rich man’s game, bike polo can be played on the cheap, and on any hard surface, from a tennis court to an empty parking lot. One recent Sunday afternoon, I joined a pickup game at the tennis courts in Arsenal Park on the Northside.

5 ways to make biking to work an easy ride
CBS News – 5/1/12
Have you ever considered leaving your car in the garage and biking to work? It’s a multi-tasking dream scenario — get your workout in, get to work, and save gas money in the process.

Winery Bicycle Tours: Good or Bad Idea?
North Fork Patch – 4/30/12
Groupon is offering a special on group bicycle rides to and from wine tastings on the North Fork — but would you do it?

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