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eBikes need love too – Bike News 4/28/12

Kids age 10 to 14 accused of running bicycle chop shop in Central Valley
San Jose Mercury – 4/27/12

In Defense of the Electric Bicycle, from the Bottom of a Steep Hill in San Francisco
The Atlantic Cities – 4/27/12
There’s long been stigma attached to electric bikes. As Brett Thurber of San Francisco’s The New Wheel explains, “The first generation electric bikes were more like mopeds than bicycles and they featured components of the lowest quality to make up for the expense of batteries and motors,” he says

Let’s All Practice Simple Etiquette on Our Bike Trails
Elmhurst Patch – 4/27/12
The bike trail is for the enjoyment and exercise of everyone, but spring seems to bring out the worst behavior as people get used to spreading their wings outdoors again

Get more mileage out of used bike
Chicago Tribune – 4/27/12
Sometimes you can get more out of a used bike that you repair for far less money

Switzerland ups power limit on e-bikes
Bicycle Retailer – 4/25/12
E-bikes with a motor output of up to 500 watts and pedal assistance of up to 25 kilometers will now be classified as bicycles instead of mopeds in Switzerland.

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