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Healthy Safety – Bike News 4/25/12

NICA expanding with more high school MTB leagues in 2013
Cycling News – 4/24/12
he strong growth of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) continues with applications from Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia to join the organization’s Project League program. Project Leagues have access to select NICA services, providing them the needed public awareness, support, funding and momentum to become fully fledged chapter leagues.

Bicycles must obey traffic laws
The Kansan – 4/24/12
Though a bicycle may be a very different type of vehicle from a car, both have to follow the same rules of the road.

Big boost planned for city bike trails
Toronto Sun – 4/24/12
Mayor Rob Ford’s City Hall is poised to “dramatically expand” the city’s off-street bike trail network, public works chairman Denzil Minnan-Wong vowed Tuesday.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Bike Tour
Adventure Cycling – 4/24/12
On our tour across the country we found our health in some compromising situations due to things like intense weather or lack of healthy food options. We weren’t prepared, and learned our lesson the hard way. So here are a few simple steps that we recommend taking to stay healthy on the trail.

Police withdraw request for $5 bike fines
Aspen Daily – 4/24/12
City and police officials have withdrawn a request to bring initial fines for biking on sidewalks and pedestrian malls down to $5, which was intended to spur more enforcement.

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