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So you’ve got your cheap bike all ready to ride. Where to go? Some people like to just hop on their bikes, start peddling and see where the road takes them. Other people need to know exactly where they are going and how high the hills will be. That’s where Map My Ride comes in.

Map My Ride is a social networking site, though that may not be obvious if you stumbled upon it. You also get the impression that it’s only for pro riders or racers. There is no indication of cheap bike friendliness. However, if you choose “Search Rides” from the site’s “Routes” menu, you will find a great tool for finding rides of any length ride near your home.

Using the search may take a few tries to figure out its eccentricities but it’s worth the effort. What that effort gets you is a detailed map and an elevation chart of possible rides. The elevation chart is my favorite part. It keeps me off those surprising hills that seem to pop up all the time here in SF.

A word of caution: These rides are added by members of the site and can vary greatly in quality and/or enjoyment. On the good side there are short-cuts and hill-cuts that you might never find on your own.


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