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Funky bikes and news
Geeks on Bikes – Bike News 4/16/12

Using a bike, GPS and the streets of Baltimore to create game-inspired art
MSNBC – 4/16/12
Michael J. Wallace can be considered many things: a resident of Baltimore, an avid cyclist and an artist. His website, WALLYGPX, reflects all three things, thanks to GPS-enabled, location tracking technology. It’s also a way to share with the world his many interests, which include video games.

Man Rigs His Exercise Bike to Work with ‘Super Mario Kart’
Time – 4/16/12
Well, dig it out, because it’s time to win the Mushroom Cup. Brent Smith, hero to lazy people everywhere, has rigged his old exercise bike to work like a Super Nintendo controller, which he demonstrated by playing Super Mario Kart.

A Primer of How Bicycling Can Boost Communities and the Economy
Triple Pundit – 4/16/12
Yesterday in Los Angeles was CicLAvia, an event held twice a year during which 10 miles of streets are free of cars, so bicyclists, pedestrians, skaters and baby strollers can take them over. CicLAvia’s inspiration are the ciclovías in Bogotá, Colombia, which started 30 years ago to relieve the city’s congestion and to fight pollution. Ciclovías have since spread across Latin America.

Education priceless when it comes to bicycle safety
Coloradoan – 4/16/12
Self-preservation suggests you take care of yourself on your 30-pound bike when surrounded by 6,000-pound SUVs. Part of that care is to anticipate hazards and avoid them. I am baffled when I see cyclists who put themselves so blatantly in harm’s way that they are literally crashes waiting to happen.

More commuters take to bicycles
Taipei Times – 4/15/12
RISING FUEL COSTS:Bike commuters are touting the health benefits of a daily bike ride to work as well as its savings in gasoline or public transportations costs

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