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Virtual Bike Review – Dawes Lightning DT

Dawes LightningMy first two virtual reviews where for bikes that cost $100 and $200. For this one I’ve gone to the ceiling of what I consider a cheap bike, $300.

The Dawes is a 24 speed road bike that does nothing special, but from the honest reviews I’ve read there is nothing really wrong with it either. The thing I like most is that the handlebars are adjustable making it much easier for people to get the bike comfy for themselves.

The bike snobs don’t like it for a variety of reasons. ¬†They complain about the weight, but it only weighs 25 lbs, so that’s pretty light for a cheap bike. Some don’t like the lever shifter, but that’s a plus for me. Those fancy shifter/brake devices are nice but easily damaged and they are impossible to repair. I don’t mean that they are difficult, I mean they are impossible. If you break one it goes in the trash.

The other complaint is the Suntour derailleurs, which are not as high performance as more expensive brands, but proponents praise their dependability. For a cheap bike I’ll take reliable over fast every time.

So if your looking for a cheap, apparently reliable bike, the Dawes might be for you. The only place I’ve found them for sale is the Bikes Direct website. That means you’ll have to finish the assembly when the bike arrives.

Disclaimer: I have no financial or other connection to either Dawes or Bikes Direct.



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