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Bike News – 4/9/12

Grants sought for bike path, bypass work
Daily Inter Lake (MT) – 4/8/12
Two Flathead County projects are vying pieces of the $500 million grant pie now available from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Lake City coffee shop gets to keep controversial bike rack
Seattle PI – 4/8/12
A Lake City coffee shop would get to keep its bike rack under a new proposal from transportation inspectors, but there may still be some expense to taxpayers.

For bike patrol officers, work isn’t a ride in park
Fort Worth Star Telegram – 4/8/12
Let’s say you’ve just ridden two miles at top speed, lugged your 30-pound bike up a set of stairs and swerved around a turning city bus a split second before disaster.

Few Fatal Vehicle-Bike Crashes Lead to Arrest, Data Show
WNYC – 4/9/12
Last year, 21 cyclists were struck and killed but only two drivers were arrested. And about 40 percent of the time a driver is involved in a fatality – a pedestrian, cyclist, other motorist or themselves – not even a ticket is issued.

New trail under I-580 opens door for more Tri-Valley bike, foot travel
Silicon Valley Mercury News – 4/9/12
Planners predict the new trail link just east of the I-580/680 freeway intersection will open the door for greater bike, foot and skate travel between jobs and shopping centers, parks, schools and other trails in several cities.

Hoboken library to host home bicycle repair workshop – 4/9/12
Just as many residents are starting to take their bicycles out for a spin in warmer weather, the Hoboken Public Library will host a special event later this month to show how to make bike repairs right at home.

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