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New Cheap Bike of the week – Diamondback Outlook

mountain bikeMy last post in this series showed the best under $100 dollar bike I could find. Today I thought I’d double that amount and see what popped up.

The bike seems to be nothing special, but there is also nothing wrong with it. It has the standard 21 speed Shimano bits. The biggest differences over the $100 dollar bike is the addition of front suspension and mounts for racks and fenders. Also, having examined one in a store I must say that the fit and finish is a notch or two above the dirt cheap bike.

However, the main reason I picked the Outlook is because right now it’s on sale in at least one bike chain store for less money than it costs on-line. All thing being equal I would much rather buy a bike face-to-face. So if your in the market for an about $200 mountain bike, now might be a good time.

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