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The lessons of London’s bicycle network – 4/3/12
Lack of central coordination and inconsistency between mayoral terms have undermined London’s bicycle network, says Shin-pei Tsay of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Anti-contraflow bike lane warrant article the ‘wrong way to go’
Wicked Local Brookline – 4/4/12
The warrant article that attempts to strip the Transportation Board of the authority to create bicycle contraflow lanes is unnecessary, petty, and sadly uninformed.

New construction and rehab projects now required to accommodate bicyclists
KDSK – 4/4/12
Mayor Francis Slay took another step Wednesday towards making the City of St. Louis more bike friendly.

Fell And Oak Bikeway Plan Pits Bike Safety Against Parking Spaces
Huffington Post – 4/3/12
Only in San Francisco could there be multiple controversies about something so simple as a bike lane.

Classic British cycling manufacturer under threat as it is pursued by Dutch rival
Mail Online – 4/3/12
Another great British manufacturer is under threat as Raleigh enters talks to be taken over by a Dutch rival.

10 Things You Absolutely Need for a Long Distance Bike Tour
Adventure Cycling – 4/3/12
It’s almost time for that tour! But what should you bring? House plants? An electric generator? 6 copies of your favorite children’s book, Ernie’s Little Lie?

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