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Bikes In The News – 3/26/12

Bay Area’s Bike to Work Day Campaign Kicks Off
Market Watch – 3/26/12
The San Francisco Bay Area’s 18th Annual Bike to Work Day held on Thursday, May 10, 2012 is kicking off its campaign to lure in regular cyclists and non-bike riders alike.

Several Bikes in the Dumpster at the Target Store in Walnut Creek
SFGate – 3/22/12
Several bikes (pictured above) were spotted this week in the dumpster at the Target store in the City of Walnut Creek.
Note: A sad story of a whole pile of wasted bike parts. Unfortunately Target has to treat each bike as a whole and if a bike has one unsafe assembly then the whole bike has to be trashed. The funny thing is that commenters complain that the bikes could have been donated, but the area community bike shops are such snobs that they wouldn’t take these bikes even if they were perfect. – Tom

Do Your Part: Top 7 secrets to commuting by bike
Kansas City Star – 3/26/12
Do you wince when you fill up your gas tank? Don’t expect the pain at the pump to end anytime soon. That makes it the right time to grab your bike and use it to get to work and run errands.

Bike headphones that don’t distract from cycling safely
The Guardian – 3/26/12
In the world of daft ideas, headphones designed to be worn on a bike seemed to me pretty high up the list
Note: The trick is that the headphones are just tiny speakers next to your ears. – Tom

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