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Bike Snob Moment

We all know the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” but I never realized the scale to which it applies. Doing as much work as I do on decrepit bikes I’m constantly mounting and unmounting stubborn tires. As such I’ve gone through several tire levers that weren’t up to the job and snapped their ends off. So when it was time yet again to but replacements I looked on eBay with the idea of buying a bulk of cheap levers so I wouldn’t be stuck when the next one broke. Not finding any cheap ones in bulk and needing replacements soon I bought, for a whole dollar more than the last set I got off eBay, six Park Tool plastic tire levers. I’ll never go back.

These things are just so much better. Yes, they were more expensive, but I expect that I won’t need replacements any time soon. The other unexpected bonus is that they have notches cut in just the right place to get extra leverage off the rim. They are just great.

So I guess my inevitable slide towards bike snobbery has begun. Who knew it would be a little hunk of plastic that started it all.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Park Tools, financial or otherwise.

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