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Surrey eBike on eBay

surrey bikeHave you ever wondered why more people don’t own these cool-looking multi-rider bike machines? If you’ve ever rented one you know the answer to that. They way a ton, the steering is merely a suggestion of direction, they are geared for crawling along and still won’t make it up the slightest hill unless you’ve got Alberto Contador helping you pedal.

Well the owner of this on found an answer; Add two electric motors. The sellers claims it will go 15 to 16 miles and hour. Fast enough to run all those smug Segwayers right off the multi-use trail. No mention is made of range.

With just under four days to go no one has gone for the $200 dollar opening bid. Some may be scared off by the fact that it comes with no batteries and is need of repair. Of course I’d hate to have to pay to have this thing freighted any distance so potential buyers are probably limited to the bike’s current state of Florida.

See the full eBay Listing


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