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Ebay find – mini penny farthing

Mini Penny farthingThis is the most impractical bike I’ve ever lusted after. I can’t imagine that riding this thing would be easy or enjoyable but I sure as hell would like to try.

As far as the engineering it screams, “Why has no one done this before?” It looks simple enough, but saying that, it is way beyond my own skill. Perhaps it’s time to attend one of those frame building classes I always see advertised, get a welding kit and see what my own warped mind can generate?

My next question is, who would buy this? I mean besides freaks like me, who obviously wouldn’t be able to pay what time and effort was needed to create it. Sure I’ll be bidding but it has a reserve I doubt I can match. That would seem to lead to collectors, but will they really be interested in a tribute bike? Maybe a circus performer? OK, now I’m stretching.

See the full eBay listing

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