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Scooterific Bike on eBay

scooter-like bikeDude I want this bike! I have a nephew who would be perfect for this thing, in seven or eight years. Which should be about the same time I finished derusting it.

Seriously though, picture it all shined up and painted Lambretta blue, ridden by some kid zooming up and down the sidewalk grinning at all his friends on their pathetic Spiderman and Barbie bikes. Ah the glory!

Unfortunately, like most people who sell cool kids bikes on eBay, the seller has a grossly exaggerated of the financial worth of this thing. The unmet with two days to go opening bid is $250. On top of that the shipping charge is $65. A bit steep for something with a missing wheel that may not survive rust removal.

See the full eBay listing

And no, the fire helmet does not come with the bike. 😈

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