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Funky Frankenbike on eBay

frankenbikeOh this bike is so cool! The electrical tape holding the foam rubber onto the top bar is simply marvelous. The red frame with the yellow and white striped parts embodies all that is good about frankenbikes. Making due with what you have laying around the shop.

The other adorable thing is; notice how far forward the seat is and how far back the handlebars are. It looks like this was setup for a very small rider. It’s just so cute!

Unfortunately the seller has a very different opinion of this bike. He or she only sees the Schwinn Stingray frame and is trying to sell it as a classic bike, evidenced by an opening bid of $150. Even if all the parts were original Stingray, there are way too many scuffs and rust spots to be asking that much money.

Well, it’s their bike and they can ask whatever they want. I’d be very surprised if anyone goes for this bike at that price. 😈

See the full eBay listing

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