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Funky eBay bike – the mystery folding bike

folded bikeLook at that picture to the right. Would you bid $316 for what you see there? Do you wonder why anyone would? Well, if you do a google search for Strida Folding Bike and you will see that’s it’s quite a contraption.

unfolded bike
It doesn’t look like something I would try to ride, but for a lighter-weight mass transit rider it looks like it would be a serviceable ride.

bad folding bikeHowever, if you go to buy one of these things beware of cheap imitations. Looking around eBay and other web sites there are many more bad copies than real ones. Take a look at the last picture and try to imagine trying ride that. I have no idea how the front wheel is supposed to stay on the ground.

See the full eBay Listing for the Strida.

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