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A tale of two eBay bikes

Green Bikejunky bike
Two bikes for sale on eBay, their auctions ending only two hours apart. Both are products of the 70’s and both qualify for the “custom” label but other than that they are several worlds apart.

The green one is a Columbia factory custom which you’d expect would mean that the bike was a quality build, but this thing is a total kludge. The fake springer fork has no spring. It’s not often you see a bike frame with 90 degree angles. It looks like they kept welding tubes onto it till the shop steward called lunch.

On the other side is obviously a home custom. It caught my attention because my friend Andy had a bike with a car wheel when I was a kid. It was great for tricks but little else. I also love how the builder tried to convert a standard girl’s frame into a tank bike by adding what may have started life as a fender. Of course the gloriously peeling blue paint on the rim completes the picture.

The sellers of each bike are as separate as the bikes themselves. The green bike’s current bid is $102.57 and the reserve is not met. In addition there is the $100 shipping charge. The red bike’s current bid is, well right now there are no bids. The opening bid is $5 and there is no shipping charge because it’s local pickup only. Too bad, or I’m sure I’d be the highest bidder right now. So if you live near Monticello NY you could own a piece of cultural history.

You can the complete eBay listings here: Green Bike, Red Bike

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