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Super child-killing wagon on eBay

Does your child need a child-killing wagon?

child-killing wagonIf you got this child-killing wagon as a present back in the 30’s you would have been the coolest kid on the block for the rest of you life. Which was probably about five minutes if there were any hills about.

In reality it is just a wagon, but that streamliner body separates it from the rest of wagondom. There is no mistaking its purpose. You are supposed to pull it up the steepest hill you can find, climb in and pray for your life. (Blood-curdling scream is optional.)

And if the inevitable impact wasn’t enough, you have that heavy steel impaller to tear through your body. Which is good. That way you won’t be in pain for very long.

Back in present day, this would be a wonderful addition to any wagon or pedal car collection. It might be an easy restoration. I would however leave if just as it. Looks much meaner that way. Better yet, I have access to a large doll of Gabby Hayes wearing a tux. He would look great sitting on it.

Look at this on eBay

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