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Can Paris become the world’s bicycle capital? – France 24 (via France 24)

Paris needs more tourists?

Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to make Paris the world’s most bikeable city. But the congested and polluted capital still has a long way to go before it can rival the likes of Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Foreign visitors often describe it as the world’s most beautiful road. A chance to soak in unrivalled views of the Eiffel Tower while coasting along the River Seine. But to Parisian commuters, the Voie Georges-Pompidou is primarily a motorway into town. The only uncongested express route that can get a car from the western edge of Paris into the city centre in the blink of an eye. At least, that’s how it used to be.

After a summer of road works, motorists taking the familiar ramp down to the riverside drive have found themselves channeled into a single lane. The other one, closest to the water, having been converted into a two-way bike path. Tthe French capital’s very first express route for bicycles. Officially, the “voie express” for bikes opens in October, but the first cyclists have already begun racing along the 4-kilometre track between Boulogne and the Pont de Bir-Hakeim.

Source: France 24

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Bike-sharing company ofo to bring 400 bicycles to Worcester (via

ofo bikes will rent for $1 an hour in Worcester

ofo share bike

source: masslive

ofo has risen to the top of the bike-sharing industry with it’s revolution no-docking strategy. Since every bike is equipped with a GPS monitor and special electronic locking mechanism, they can be picked up and ridden anywhere and anytime.

The billion-dollar company behind the one of the world’s smartest bikes, is poised to launch in Worcester this September.

The company, which is less than four years old, was recently valued at $1 billion and infused with $700 million in funding. That funding is serving as the springboard to launch ofo in the United States.

Worcester will be the second U.S. city to receive a fleet of the iconic sunny-yellow bikes.


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This city wants to keep bicyclists safe. Its solution? Plant Boxes (via miamiherald)

Can plant boxes keep bicyclists safe?

plant boxes between lanes

source: Miami Herald

Coral Gables leaders hope so. The city is installing protected bike lanes that will be separated from automotive traffic by plant boxes filled with pentas and purple queens. Temporary two-way bike lanes will replace existing curbside parking on Salzedo Street and one lane of traffic on University Drive.

The buffered bike-lane program is set to be in place by late September. The city’s goal is to eventually rebrand the bicycle routes in the city’s master plan as the “Gables Greenways,” Keller said.

The new pilot program comes as the city plans to explore a station-less, bike-sharing service in the Gables. Riders would reserve the bikes through an app and then drop them off anywhere in the city. The technology has already been rolled out in other cities including Austin and San Francisco. The City Commission approved a call for ideas at Tuesday’s meeting.

Read more here: miamiherald

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Sacramento Adds First Bike-Only Signal Near Sac State

bike-only signalBike-only signal comes to Sac-town

The city of Sacramento added new bike infrastructure near Sacramento State. Including marked green bike lanes, bike boxes and the city’s first bike-only signal.

In Sacramento bicyclists can now ride up to one intersection near Sacramento State, tap a button and wait for the signal to change, just like pedestrians do.

Elizabeth Weeks with the Sacramento Department of Public Works says the new signal is part of the redesigned Carlson Drive Project near Sac State.


Source: Bob Moffitt

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Super child-killing wagon on eBay

Does your child need a child-killing wagon?

child-killing wagonIf you got this child-killing wagon as a present back in the 30’s you would have been the coolest kid on the block for the rest of you life. Which was probably about five minutes if there were any hills about.

In reality it is just a wagon, but that streamliner body separates it from the rest of wagondom. There is no mistaking its purpose. You are supposed to pull it up the steepest hill you can find, climb in and pray for your life. (Blood-curdling scream is optional.)

And if the inevitable impact wasn’t enough, you have that heavy steel impaller to tear through your body. Which is good. That way you won’t be in pain for very long.

Back in present day, this would be a wonderful addition to any wagon or pedal car collection. It might be an easy restoration. I would however leave if just as it. Looks much meaner that way. Better yet, I have access to a large doll of Gabby Hayes wearing a tux. He would look great sitting on it.

Look at this on eBay

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