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Bike News Review – 4/4/13

iCan Bike program offers bicycle training for disabled individuals
Wicked Local Medford – 4/3/13
A unique program in which individuals with disabilities are taught to ride a bicycle will take place in Arlington, from April 15-19.

Dubuque Bike Coop soon to open bicycle checkout program
KWWL – 4/3/13
Eastern Iowa’s bicycling community continues to grow as one Dubuque organization looks to begin a bike checkout program. From cost-efficiency to healthy to sustainability, the group called the Dubuque Bike Coop is pedaling an idea anybody can handle.

Adventure Cycling and the National Park Service Agreement
Adventure Cycling – 4/3/13
Last week, we received a package from the Department of Interior. Adam, my colleague, snapped a photo of the envelope and posted it on Facebook. Wow! We didn’t realize how excited our supporters would be to know that the final version of the national agreement between Adventure Cycling Association and the National Park Service was finally in hand. Thank you adventure cyclists! We are excited too.

Saudi bicycle ban lifted?
Al Jazeera – 4/2/13
On Monday, Saudi daily al-Yawm cited an unnamed official as saying women can now ride bikes in parks and recreational areas. According to the official, the ruling stipulated that women must wear a full-body abaya, be accompanied by a male relative, and stay within certain areas. They are allowed to bike for recreational purposes only, not as a primary mode of transportation.

Interstate bicycle trail requires three-way partnership
The California Argus – 4/2/13
It’s an exciting proposition: a 2.4 mile bicycle path from the Interstate 90 Mississippi River bridge to Dresbach that piggybacks off the interstate – perhaps suspended underneath the interstate.


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Bike News Review – 3/31/13

Effort under way to add more bicycle trails in Coweta
Times-Herald – 3/31/13
Coweta County has its share of bicycle enthusiasts, and while local officials are looking to expand options for bike lanes and trails there are several opportunities coming up to get out in the spring weather, with organized rides upcoming at the Brown’s Mill battlefield park development and in historic Senoia.

Young bicycle riders sought for Woodland’s ‘Kidical Mass’
Daily Democrat – 3/31/13
Woodland’s first Kidical Mass bike ride is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, at 2 p.m., departing from the YMCA at 1300 College St. This ride will coincide with the Y’s Healthy Kids Day event that runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., where bicyclists can have their bikes and helmets safety checked by Woodland Bike Campaign’s mechanic volunteers.

With “bicycle taxidermy,” old bicycles get new life as hipster home decor
Star Tribune – 3/30/13
Taxidermy or bicycles? With so many trends emerging, it’s easy to forget which ones are cool. It turns out both of these are. The two staples of apartment decor have entered into a marriage of pure hipster bliss. Now, you can get handlebars mounted like deer antlers for your walls.


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Stupid video featuring a really cool bike

Bike News Review – 3/29/13

The Bicyclists Dilemma: Where Do I Ride My Bicycle?
The Daily O’Collegian – 3/28/13
One of the most important things for any bicycle rider to know is where they should ride their bicycle. Of course, if there is a bicycle lane then ride in it, but Stillwater don’t have many of those so this becomes a more complicated issue. Statistically the safest place to ride is in the lane with traffic. Riders are most visible in the lane to the motorists, and being visible is being safe. As a motorist, I can’t tell you how many times I have almost hit a cyclist who has cut in to traffic after riding on the sidewalk.

Bill to Require Children to Wear Bicycle Helmets Fails in House Committee
Arkansas Matters – 3/28/13
Members of the committee were concerned with children being stopped by police, embarrassed in court, and being issued citations.

Panel proposes bicycle-parking rules for Merced
Merced Sun Star – 3/26/13
The Merced Bicycle Advisory Commission on Tuesday adopted its recommendation for the city’s first bike-parking ordinance, which would require some building developments to include bike racks and other infrastructure.

This Build-It-Yourself Wooden Low Rider Bicycle is Sure to Appeal to Model Airplane Nerds
Gadget Review – 3/27/13
Different is good. Case in point: a lower rider bicycle that comes packaged like a model airplane, that you assemble yourself.



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