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Bike News Review – 9/17/13

Police Enforce Bicycle Safety In Boston; 40 Citations Issued
CBS Boston – 9/12/13
A team of officers from the Boston Police, Mass. State Police, Brookline Police, BU Police and Transit Police converged on one of the most dangerous intersections for bicycles in Boston this morning to educate and enforce the laws.

Buy the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle
Consequence of Sound – 9/13/13
No doubt plenty of you have already updated your Christmas lists to include Wu-Tang Clan’s new holiday sweater, perhaps placing in between GWAR-BQ sauce and Iceage’s knife. But before you send that finalized letter off to Old Saint Nick, it’s going to need one more addition: the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle. That’s right, boys and girls, a bicycle built for Wu.

Flemington police begin bicycle patrols; ‘rapport’ cited as a primary benefit – 9/16/13
The borough Police Department has acquired four special bicycles, and they are being put to use. Patrolman Brian McNally, who has spearheaded this initiative, says that a cop on bicycle is out there with the people and they find him easier to talk with than a cop in a patrol car. Community police is all about “rapport,” said McNally.

American Martyrs School in Manhattan Beach celebrates trailblazing bicycle education program
Easy Reader News – 9/16/13
With the conclusion of the morning’s “Blessing of the Bikes” ceremony, American Martyrs, a K-8 private Catholic school in Manhattan Beach, became the first school in the South Bay to integrate a bicycle safety curriculum into regular class instruction. Tailored specifically for each grade, the curriculum, instructed by three specially certified teachers, will teach students and parents bicycle safety, road rules as well as health and environmental benefits from cycling.

Bicycle network map of Carlisle Borough available
Cumberlink – 9/16/13
Free maps of Carlisle Borough’s recently completed 13.8 mile Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Network are now available from the Cumberland Valley Visitor’s Bureau, Carlisle Police Department, the borough hall, some downtown merchants and Carlisle Parks and Recreation.


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Bike News Review – 9/15/13

La Grange Police Department hosts bike auction
The Doings La Grange – 9/12/13
The village of La Grange police department will host a auction of the unclaimed bicycles in the village on Saturday, Sept. 28. For more information, read the full press release below.

35 free bicycle racks available in NLR Fit 2 Live program
North Little Rock Times – 9/12/13
North Little Rock’s Fit 2 Live program still has 35 bicycle racks available. They can be installed in front of businesses and community organizations to allow customers and the public to park their bikes safely.

Hammerhead uses LED light array for bicycle navigation
Slash Gear – 9/12/13
A project has turned up on Dragon Innovation called Hammerhead. The project is for a bicycle navigation device that provides visual cues to help you get around while riding a bicycle. That means you don’t have to wear headphones or earbuds to be able to listen to spoken navigation directions.


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Bike News Review – 9/12/13

The 2013 World Human Powered Speed Challenge
Bicycle Design – 9/12/13
This week, I have been occasionally checking the results of the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Challenge taking place for the 14th consecutive year on SR305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada. This is always a very interesting event to follow, and I am glad that Graeme Obree’s participation is bringing it a bit of extra attention this year.

Walk and Roll to School: Start a healthy habit
SF Chronicle – 9/11/13
Walking and biking to school can give you quality time together as a family, and studies show that kids who walk and bike have better health and academic performance. But only half of the children in San Francisco who live close enough to walk to school actually do.


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Cool vintage Mexican bike on eBay

mexicanI love rod brake bikes but I’ve never seen one like this before. It has both front and rear brakes actuated by rods. Never seen a rear rod brake before. It’s a clever mechanism.

The bike was made by Mercurio which is from Mexico. I knew there were bikes made in Mexico but I didn’t know there were exclusive Mexican brands. I looked at their website but unfortunately they’ve moved on to more modern braking technology.

Brakes aside this is a cool-looking bike. The black paint and way shiny chrome make for a stylish ride. Oddly it looks more modern than it probably is. The ad doesn’t indicate the actual age.

The opening bid is only $65 and the shipping is $75 so if nobody else bids I may be able to justify getting this one for myself.

See the full listing on eBay

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